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RCU Community Investment Fund Criteria

RCU CIF Criteria

Through investing in community groups, Rocky Credit Union helps the overall community not only develop, attract and retain people and businesses, but become an even more vibrant place for our members to work and live, laying foundations to build for more success in the future.

1. Requests must be made in writing on the RCU CIF Application Form, and supplemental materials may be attached. Please note, the quality of the application and supporting material is important in helping Rocky Credit Union adjudicate the request. Requests should be forwarded to the Rocky Credit Union Ltd. Marketing Department and be labeled to the attention of the Community Investment Fund Committee.

2. Any and all requests will be reviewed by the Community Investment Fund Committee.

3. The committee will endeavor to support community programs or projects that will improve the community for the social benefit and wellbeing of all citizens. The Community Investment fund Committee will consist of 5 people – the CEO, the Manager, Marketing & Org Support, 2 Board members, and 1 staff member.

4. This fund is designed to help non-profit organizations and community development cooperatives with capital purchases or construction and would fall outside of the usual operational requests from minor sports and other charitable requests which will continue to be handled directly through the Marketing Department.

5. Rocky Credit Union Ltd. set aside $70,000 in 2014 to award a combination of grants up to $15,000 per year at the 70th through 74th AGMs.

6. Written applications using our RCU CIF Application Form will be received annually each year up until the application deadline of November 30th.

7. Presentations from selected finalist applicants will be made directly to the Community Investment Fund Committee in November or December. The results from the presentations will be communicated from the committee to the applicant by no later than January 10th of each year.

8. Presentations of the grant will be made to each selected applicant at the Rocky Credit Union Ltd. annual general meeting held in early February.

9. When considering a request the committee will take into account how closely the request meets the mandate of the committee and the number of people that would benefit.

10. Depending on the number of requests the Credit Union receives on an annual basis we may not be able to approve all requests. Requests will be given fair consideration based upon the criteria above. Rocky Credit Union reserves the right to deny any and all requests for funding.

11. Rocky Credit Union Ltd. reserves the right to advertise, publish, or use in marketing material any information provided by a successful applicant.

Application Form Link

The Deadline to apply is November 30, 2018.

For any questions about the RCU Community Investment Fund and its application process, you can contact Tammy Young, at 403-845-2861 or by e-mailing

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